Phil Menger Poetry


April 1IMG_6757

Bubbles Float

Children in Awe

Sun shines

On tricycles


April 2

My friend said no quotas please2008-02-27 13.31.36

Quoting Robert Bly

He has smelly breath

From gum disease

Bone destruction

Mouth bacteria

My friend does

Not Robert Bly

That I know of


April 3

He lights her cigarette2011-08-31 19.51.07

In a high class bar

She gives him that look

The one that makes you

Feel guilty even though

You most assuredly are.

Old TV shows assure you

There is always the wisdom

Of house hold tips.  Or how to

Use CPR when someone strokes.


April 4

April 4, 2013

Retrograde ejaculation

Men weeping into old ageDandy Lion

Unsure diagnosis

Inexact prognosis

Idiopathic hacks

Search bodies for clues

Nevertheless Spring happens

Easing wrinkles into smiles

Retrograde Appreciation

Women tearing up

…spring showers


April 5avatar92(1)

A whiff of coffee

Reminds me of Frank

Dead 10 years

His ghost visits

Over a 40 pounder

Of rye whiskey

Or a 3 olive martini

avatar92(1)On special occasions

To discuss betting pools

And Hockey playoffs

This would be our time of year

Oh friendly ghost whose

Last note scribbled on a pad

Found by relatives

In a boarding house

Said “call Phil”



April 6

2012-10-30 12.10.59Yellow School Bus lights flashing

Reminds me of compassion

Your compassion dear friend

When dealing with children

Of all ages. Screaming laughing

Crying “Mr. Cormier, Mr. Cormier”

Mocking authority (which will

But when they hurt, as when any

Human in your sphere hurts

You demonstrate a compassion hard

To find in this day and age of rushing

About with little to nothing to shout about

2012-10-30 12.10.12

Again.  Time to mount the compassion

Train to your next appointment

Who will receive your patience

And compassionate passion

Today dear friend as you hold each

Of us with your dear heart as if we were

Tremoring birds in the middle of a storm

2012-10-30 12.10.59


April 7

Being David Bowie

No thanks straw dogs2012-02-02 10.42.55

I could not stand red herring hair

That pressure of a balloon about to pop

Of killing Ziggy call Perry Mason

Of all those fans blowing hot

With lookalike Ziggy shag


How did he put up with that blubbering crowd

Which I could not I could not I could not


April 8

356Whenever you red light pronounce

Emergency Rooms my first internal cry

is “don’t you die on me you bastard

and leave me here all alone!” Selfish

so and so that I am.  Then I think “I hope

in his will he left me his wife.” I can introduce

her to the miracle of retrograde ejaculation.

Your old man pain subsided tho

so did mine in empathy

“Stand down” you assuredly bellowed

through the buzz nets “it’s neither045

fish nor fowl” you say in your usual

nomenclature patter so

we went back home and napped


April 9

2012-09-26 14.59.15 HDRBike bell ringing I travel

Through Fish Trap Creek Park

Ring ringing at each goose

Rubber necking in response

Up periscope

Down periscope

In time with the cacophony

Children swing

I hunt ducks


April 10

Windy Weather

Today. Burnt dreams

Smolder in my bed

Room where I

Used to sleep I

Welcome the wind

It has been so stuffy

2009-04-27 16.20.45Lately


In my damp

Sweat soaked

Dreams I never knew

Ida Lupino either

Big screen star

Woman director

Did you know

She also wrote

2012-10-30 11.43.02 HDRAn Opera

I hear it’s windy

Today I wrote

A long letter home

To my dying mother

She adored Ida Lupino


April 11


Fuck it

I am goingIMG_1185

Underground Incognito

Wonder of the universe

In a science book


April 12

When the meteor landed

I was doing laundry

Which reminds me

I forgot to get that

Detergent on sale

At the drug store

It was too late now

Everything was on fire

Up there something about2012-09-26 14.38.43 HDR

Ballistic missiles and Korea

Came on the twitter


April 13

Spur of the moment


Tooth decay

Nothing compares

to this pain

that can not be explained

even by the most intelligent

specialist.  The pharmacist says

there is a new drug they

don’t have yet suffer

Be well take this

Spur of the moment

I swallowed the pill

Then thought twice

…Too late

2008-02-27 12.16.04-1____________________________

April 14

2012-10-16 17.47.11 HDR When someone ask me

Where I got my pelf

I just say

Blue Jay lucky


April 15

Ancient faces of women from India

Maps of pain maps of sorrow maps

Of journeys not taken that brought

Them on their journey here to this

Suburb of the new city on the hill

Why can’t there always be rainbows2011-08-18 12.37.53

For every one of us balloon pause

Wind creeps through the eaves

Of ears gathering in the fields

Spring robins head sideways

Alert to the sounds of worms


April 16

Bicycle came barreling through the sleet

Ashbery said to me in a Chinese Whisper

Steal it said my friend in verst.


April 17

Sapphire bottle gin soaked day dreams

IMG_0142Blue Jay pouncing on the ground

Of the cobalt garden under the

Azure sky falling into the stratosphere


April 18

My thumbs hurt

Pin pricks hot

Match stick tips

Age creeps

Pain drips


April 19

Dawn birds cackle

Outrageous joy


Objet trouvé


April 20


Bombay Sapphire gin dream

Blue Jay springing


cobalt garden

Blue corundum


Falling through

the stratospheric…


2011-08-18 12.34.29April 21

In life

First lines

Are better

Than last lines


April 22

The ubiquitous Spring Sun

Rains down on a pillock

In a liplock with his mate


IMG_1185April 23

The ducks complain

About the geese

Dropping goslings

Cherry blossoms smile


April 24

Aging women stooped gardening a patch

Of earth she found a crevice a seam

A crack between park retaining wall

And sidewalk a fissure ants would call

A freeway to humans is barely noticeable

Outside perhaps civic engineers once

Maybe twice a year she stoops to harvest

Tiny daisies stands up revealing her treasure

Tiny daisies gripped smiling as when she was 8


April 25

…for Portnoy

Oh anxious spring

Forgive me for my

2008-04-25 09.31.03Sins of procrastination

Shed my snaked winter

Skin nurture my troubled

Soul feed me tulips birdsong

A ‘real spring sky’ warm



April 26

Then there are the lost careers

As we career through life best

We know how I thought watching

Puppies playing in the snow

White daisies swaying brightbackyard landscape 3 may 2010

Sunlit fields like the kind in childhood

I digress daydreaming about being

An actuary some day counting

Currency of time smelling early

Season lavender with a touch

Of apple blossoms outside

My dead mother’s hospital bed.


April 27

2011-10-25 13.52.17Lone bird chirps in the dusk

Cotyledons serenely sleep off

Spring sun afterglow darkness

Hums a tune April leaning into



April 28045

Then there are the lost careers

Junked lives tossed in a heap

Once dependable now disposable

 …And mothers weep for their lost sons


April 29

George Jones was an asshole2011-07-22 11.48.18

He ripped us off in concert

And made Tammy cry again

And again. Me? Well I just

Pick ‘em up and slam ‘em down…

Jackanapes and clowns notwithstanding.


April 30

 I couldn’t think

Of anything today

The flowers were

Too noisy the birds

Too beautiful

Me spring tulips


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